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We want to turn Joinmyproject as a reference in Europe and Worldwide.

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Round-table meeting in the Cryptshow Festival

“You have a project, a movie, a book or a documentary and you are ready to look for money but all doors are closed. The crisis has dried up the sources of financing. At the Common Council they tell you that the program of subsidy is canceled and TV companies really like your project but they are not interested in if you don’t have a Sponsor. Subventions have been halved and the marks don’t spend money on unknown directors. Where did you get the money? ”
So reads the introduction of the Round-table meeting to be held in Badalona on 11 July at 19:00pm. in Can Frai (Sant Pere, 11, Badalona).

From 11 to 15 July 2012 will be held in Badalona the Cryptshow Festival 2012, a tribute to horror and fantasy.
Its program includes a series of short films that participates in the competition and which brings together actors, producers, directors … but above all “creators”.
People with ideas and who want to create a project of film, music, comics, painting or literature out and they will put all its resources to create artwork.
Surely, to fulfill a dream. His dream.

In a section of the festival, especially on day 11 at 19:00, there will be the main Round-table meeting topic

“The crowdfunding, an alternative”

In it, our Founder Alfonso López will participate in the speech representing Joinmyproject. The Round-table meeting will be shared with José Miguel Rodríguez of Kifund and Enric Senabre of Goteo.
We will try to clear those doubts that many people have in relation with the meaning of crowdfunding: What is it for? Is it only for projects with low budget?

Therefore, we invite everyone to attend the Round-table meeting, to know and try to clear any doubts you have about collective financing or crowdfunding.
All those that you have an ongoing project or idea that you want to start, and are interested in seeking funding in Joinmyproject, you can show us the day of the event.
We will try to create the campaign advice, the seek of rewards, take a look at the objectives and, above all, to advertise and get the most out of your project.

Attendance is free, but should be confirmed to

In addition, we would like you send us an email ( or a tweet (@joinmyproject) so we know who you are.

See you there!