Summary of the presentation of Smyle! The Social Network

On September 10th our CEO & co-Founder Alfredo Fernández took part in the launch of the new social network Smyle!

The new social network, as well summarized by Oscar Ray in his blog , is a young, new and innovative network, created from zero by a person with entrepreneurial mindset and focused on innovation.

It becomes the first social network completely created in Spain.

The social network is designed and intended for all audiences, so it was decided to clear and clean designs. The colors that have been used are designed to not damage eyesight.

One of the strengths of this new network is which will consist of three profiles: one public profile for personal use; a business profile intended for companies, they will be able to make marketing campaigns, analyze their influence on the network and even have a shop; and the social profile, designed for associations and institutions such as libraries, schools, universities, etc..

Alfredo Fernández used the occasion to introduce the platform and teach the crowdfunding concept to all attendees and to thank Smyle! and its creator Andres Contreras the opportunity offered.

At the same day of the project lauch it was published in the Joinmyproject site and is already available and open for receiving contributions here.

Hopefully both Andrés Contreras and Smyle! achieve its objective and from here we encourage all who follow us to help Smyle! grow.

Please, support the project!

Thank you!


Resumen presentación del proyecto Smyle! The Social Network

El pasado día 10 de septiembre nuestro CEO & Co-Founder Alfredo Fernández participó en el lanzamiento de la nueva red social Smyle!

La nueva red social, tal y como resumió muy bien Oscar Ray en su blog , es una red joven, nueva y novedosa, creada desde cero por una persona con mentalidad emprendedora y que apuesta por la innovación.

Se convierte, de esta manera, en la primera red social creada en su totalidad en España.

La red social está pensada y diseñada para todo tipo de público, por lo que se ha optado por diseños claros y limpios. Los tonos que se han usado están pensados para no perjudicar la vista.

Uno de los puntos fuertes de ésta nueva red, es que estará compuesta por tres perfiles: uno público para uso personal, uno empresarial destinado a empresas, que van a poder realizar campañas de marketing, analizar su influéncia en la red e incluso disponer de una tienda virtual; y el perfil social, pensado para asociaciones e instituciones como bibliotecas, escuelas, universidades, etc.

Alfredo Fernández aprovechó la ocasión para presentar la plataforma y enseñar el concepto crowdfunding a todos los asistentes, así como para agradecer a Smyle! y a su creador Andrés Contreras la oportunidad brindada.

En el mismo día del acto se publicó el proyecto en la web de Joinmyproject y ya está disponible y abierto para recibir aportaciones aquí.

Esperemos que tanto Andrés como Smyle! logren su objetivo y desde aquí animamos a todos los que nos seguís a ayudar a Smyle! a crecer.

¡Por favor, apoya el proyecto!

Muchas gracias.


We have already decided and we want all of you to be the first to know:


And for that, we need you SHARE the News to all the people you know.

We want to stablish Joinmyproject in other countries, but we need one person in each country who wish to join our project with enthusiasm and passion as well as many future growth potential.

We are a young team whom started the company with our own investment and we expect we will grow up and reach many countries quickly.

We want to turn Joinmyproject as a reference in Europe and Worldwide.

If you want to know more about it or do you think it could be of interest to others, please let us know by sending an email to


First platform in Spain and in other countries around the world to offer two different types of funding


 It has been only a question of time the creation of new funding methods to facilitate the creation of new projects in Crowdfunding platforms.

Crisis has dried up the sources of financing. Entrepreneurs feel disappointed when applying for loans or grants because there are many obstacles to get the necessary funding to carry out their projects. And this has not only happened in Spain, but many entrepreneurs from other countries are also having this kind of needs.

Joinmyproject founders, after carrying out several meetings with groups of entrepreneurs and exchange ideas and information with them, have identified the need to create a new funding option that allows flexibility in the All or Nothing funding method that the rest of platforms usually use, adding the Flexible Plan.

Flexible Plan

With this new method, any Creator who wants to put its project on the platform, will receive the total funds even if it reaches the goal or not.

This new method, allow that many entrepreneurs can use it, but requires more oversight for the platform to prevent any fraud.

Joinmyproject verify -through their legal department- all the requirements needed to start the project using this new method. They request full transparency of the information received and try to do a formal commitment to achieving the agreement. Also, they check the correct delivery of rewards.